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Marijuana. On the possible effects of second-hand smoking.

The use of marijuana and other derivatives of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is now permitted in a number of countries (including some states in the United States), which has led to increased interest in its study. At the American Heart Association's (AHA) annual scientific conference held in Chicago in mid-November 2014, the results of a small study on rats were presented, suggesting that passive smoking marijuana has as much damage to the heart and blood vessels as inhaling smoke from a side stream when smoking regular cigarettes.
Marijuana. On the possible effects of second-hand smoking.

When rats were exposed to marijuana smoke for half an hour in the lab, the blood-borne dilatation of the arteries fell by 50-70%.  Violation of dilatation ability of arteries had the same degree of severity if rats were exposed to marijuana smoke with or without tetrahydrakannabinol (its main psychoactive component). It is therefore a question of exposure to marijuana as a source of smoke, not as a drug. Blood vessel dysfunction was similar to the findings of a recently published paper by the same research team in which rats were exposed to tobacco smoke from a side stream.Marijuana. On the possible effects of second-hand smoking.

The authors of the study note that their results show that smoke is smoke no matter what is burned. Practitioners usually interview patients about active or passive smoking, but the authors believe that not only cigarette smoke, but also cigars, hookah, marijuana, as well as exposure to smoke from forest fires and other plant sources should be taken into account.

It is clear that the effects that were shown on rats do not necessarily have to be present in humans. Marijuana. On the possible effects of second-hand smoking.However, since this rat model has been able to reproduce the actual human exposure to ordinary tobacco smoke, the probability that this will https://cfdfc.org/product-category/aaaa/ be true for marijuana is quite high. The authors emphasize that patients with coronary heart disease should avoid exposure to all types of smoke.