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History of Hemp   Hemp Cultivation

Hemp is good and bad.

Once this plant has not been used in centuries of human history! It has served as a material for making durable and durable ropes. Nourishing oil was squeezed out of it. Its seeds were used to feed poultry, and its stems were used to make hemp, an ideal substance for closing gaps in the bottoms of boats.Hemp is good and bad.
And now his sad fame is associated with smoking. Most countries have long ago added the innocent cereal to the list of banned substances and began to actively destroy the area of its growth.
A shrewd and clever reader has probably managed to guess that the conversation will be about cannabis (or cannabis). Its derivatives - marijuana and hashish - share first place in drug addiction, both in terms of frequency of use and number of admirers. It is a favorite dainty of both long-time drug addicts and pioneers. A considerable part of smokers for the first time get acquainted with the forbidden fruit on the school bench. The number of active consumers is increasing every year, and among them more and more teenagers attracted by the huge popularity and generally recognized harmlessness of this product. And, of course, the status of a mild drug.
Marijuana even managed to contribute to the culture - without cannabis, its famous attribute, there could be neither rasta movement nor reggae music. Many young people can not imagine a holiday without a couple or three puffs of joint.
The smoker is overly suspicious of others, begins to suffer from the bride from where the brutal paranoia, uncontrollable panic attacks, fear. After a few months of active involvement in the weed in the character, behavior, perception and mood of the consumer become visible changes, the number and quality of which increases with the continuation of smoking. Let's take a closer look at this.
Hemp is good and bad.

Reactions slow down and the ability to think abstractly deteriorates. Especially lucky people's character spoils and their intellect level drops markedly. Sometimes there is a disturbance of ocular reflexes and coordination of movements, a clear slowdown. In addition to the above, chronic use of marijuana can lead to a decrease in social activity. A person abandons his former hobbies, does not make plans for the future, loses the thread and purpose of his own existence. Many close in their inner world, trying to isolate themselves from the surrounding reality, to get away from reality.
One of the most common beliefs about marijuana is that it is the cause of "heavy" drug use. That if someone started smoking weed, they would soon definitely sit on a needle. Heroin addiction is traditionally seen as a later stage of the process, which began with smoking cannabis. Somebody explains this connection by the fact that getting high on marijuana stimulates the desire to try something stronger. Somebody says that frequent experiments with marijuana cause tolerance: the effects become familiar and banal, do not bring the same pleasure, and the addict is forced to seek help from more powerful substances. Some people are sure that only mentally inappropriate individuals pass from marijuana to heroin. Indeed, the addiction to heavy drugs is almost always a signal that there are disorders in a person's psyche, which he is not able to either correct with pot or eliminate by their own efforts. Simply put, drug use is an outward manifestation of an individual's mental disorder.
However, I would like to draw the readers' attention to another aspect of the problem. Who you are going to talk to and what you are going to get out of it," says the folk wisdom. Turned in a drug addict environment, taking part in the process of buying and selling, making specific connections, a person willy-nilly gets involved in a vicious conveyor. As time goes by, more and more acquaintances appear who prefer marijuana to something harder, chemistry becomes more accessible, the experimenter wakes up again in the smoker. And now https://cfdfc.org/product-category/flower/ he's holding a cherished pill or a dose of powder in his hand.