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A 'Food' Variety of Hemp

MotherHemp distributes Finola hempseed in Europe. This variety has completed its Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) last year and is now awaiting acceptance onto the EC list of recognised varieties. With subsidies for hempseed cultivation to be introduced in the short-term, Finola appears to be the most appropriate hemp variety to grow for seed within Europe.

Currently we are concentrating on increasing our breeding stock for future years, however we will have a small amount of seed available for planting in 2003. Please contact us as soon as possible for prices and availability.

Main Advantages of Finola variety:

  • Grows well within an organic crop rotation
  • High yielding with excellent seed oil content
  • Early harvesting with conventional combine-harvester

Further Information

This grain variety was first registered in Holland as 'FIN-314', with the common name of 'Finola', and has also been accepted as an approved variety in Canada. The parents of FIN-314 were selected from Russian stock in co-operation with the International Hemp Association and the Vavilov Institute in St. Petersburg. Finola is frost tolerant at all stages of growth, does not require herbicides or pesticides, and produces mature seed in less than 100 days. The content of THC for this variety has varied between 0.04-0.08% in dry, mature female flowers, according to forensic tests in Finland and Canada. The CBD content is more than twice the THC content, as stipulated by EU regulations.

FIN-314 is short in stature (less than 2 metres at latitude 62o N) and the seed is readily harvested by conventional methods. It is substantially shorter when cultivated at lower latitudes, on poor soil, or with minimal amounts of nitrogen. The fibre content is about 15%, but almost entirely primary bast fibre, which is softer than that of other hemp varieties and more similar to flax in quality. Rather than for fibre or hurd production, however, the stalk from Finola may be more useful when left in the field under bio-dynamic cultivation. The low fibre content allows the stalk to decompose over the winter, and increase soil humus levels over time.


Dioecious; typically 50/50, male/female
Early blooming; producing mature seed in less than 100 days
Short in stature; ca. 1.5 to 2 metres tall at latitudes above 60o N
Little or no branching, even under sparse cultivation
Frost tolerant to -5o C at all stages of growth
Drought resistant, high seed yield
Seed oil is low in saturates (<10%)
High primary bast fibre content
Low in THC ( ca. 0.05% in dried mature female flowers)
High (>10) CBD/THC ratio

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