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MotherHemp offers an organic range of tasty and nutritious hemp food products. All our products are organic and certified by the Soil Association; contain no GMOs, are suitable for vegans, and are lactose and cholesterol - free.

The MotherHemp food range is available throughout health food shops nationwide

To find your local stockist please email Email Motherhemp or call us on 01262 421100. The Hemp & Spelt pasta and Red and Green Hemp pesto can be found in Sainsbury's supermarkets, in the 'Well Being' section. If the products are not available in your local Sainbury's or health food shop, it is possible to request them by informing the shop of our details.

MotherHemp products are available to BUY NOW via mail order: 

GoldShield Tel:  0870 8877000 - www.goldshield.co.uk
The Nutri Centre Tel:  0207 436 5122 - www.nutricentre.com
Savant Tel:  0845 060 6070 - www.savant-health.com
Goodness Foods
'Hemp Ice' Direct Delivery Tel: 
0871 871 6611 - www.goodnessdirect.co.uk

The food range includes

Organic Hemp Ice Cream Organic Hemp Ice 100 ml, 500 ml pots.
Our delicious dairy free alternative to ice cream is made from the 'creamy milk' produced from crushed organic hemp seeds. Tastes just like ice cream but without the dairy and is made from non-hydrogenated fat. It is available in 3 flavours Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Choc Chip. Contains no cholestrol!
Hemp Spelt Pasta Organic Hemp and Spelt Pasta 250g bag.
Spelt although not gluten free can be helpful for those with wheat intolerance due to its lower gluten strength. This pasta has a superb consistency, tastes great and unlike other wheat-free pastas has a superb texture which does not become sticky after cooking. We offer two varieties: Tagliatelli and Fusilli.
Green Hemp Pesto Organic Green Hemp Pesto 160g jar.
This very popular pesto is based on the traditional recipe using basil, sunflower oil and vegetarian parmesan cheese. It is enhanced with the soft hemp seeds to give an extra nutty flavour and added nutritional benefit. Ideal on pasta, baked potatoes, savoury biscuits or in salad dressings.
Red Hemp Pesto Organic Red Pesto 160g jar
Tasty sun- dried tomatoes and soft seed make a full flavoured red vegan pesto. A scrumptious change from the original green pesto. Delicious on pasta and on crusty bread.
Hemp Seed Oil Organic Hemp Oil 250 ml bottle
Hemp Capsules (60 caps per bottle)
Hemp oil is one of the most nutritious oils available, supplying the body with the highest quality essential fatty acids in the most digestible form. It is cold pressed and perfect for pasta dishes, stir fries, baked potatoes and can be made into a variety of delicious salad dressings. It must be kept refrigerated and will last up to 9 months. Once opened it must be kept refrigerated and will last up to 3 months.
(Oil comes in a dark bottle to prevent exposure to light)
Bags of Seed Organic Plain Hemp Seeds 500g bags
These seeds contain the essential fatty acids and amino acids the body cannot produce on its own. Use the seeds as a cooking ingredient, to make milk and to snack on.
Toasted Organic Seeds Organic Toasted Seeds 125g pots
These seeds contain the essential fatty acids and amino acids the body cannot produce on its own. Use as a snack on their own and can be used as a tasty finish to breads and biscuits.
Toasted Seeds Lightly Salted Organic Toasted Lightly Salted seeds125g pots
For extra taste try the lightly salted variety. Great with pasta dishes and makes a tasty addition to stir-fries.
Soft Toasted Seeds Organic Soft Seeds 125g pots
These seeds have been de-hulled to leave the inner 'meat' part of the hemp seed. This inner part of the seed contains the power source for energy storage and cell building in the human body. Made up of highly digestible protein, containing all the essential amino acids, these soft seeds can be used to make energy boosting smoothie drinks, in cooking and sprinkling over salads.
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