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  Seedsman Professional suppliers of cannabis seeds.
  Freewheelers Nationwide Lift Sharing, Linking Drivers and Passengers to share the cost of Travel.
  Finola.com from Finland, producers of fine hempseed oil
  Therapeutic Hemp Oil Information on the nutritional composition of oil from the hemp plant, and how it could be beneficial to your health.
  foodandmood.org Founded by nutritionist Amanda Geary in 1998 with a Millennium Award from Mind, the mental health charity, to empower individuals to explore the relationship between diet, nutrition and emotional and mental health.
  Hemp.co.uk The UK's longest standing independent Hemp Information Portal. Specialising on hemp foods, the HFIA web site contains news updates, a gallery of photos, videos and audio information.
  Hemp Plastic Hemp Plastic (UK) Ltd. is a development company that is working with various groups world-wide to produce economically viable organic and biodegradable plastics from hemp instead of petro-chemicals.
  Ecofibre.com.au The leading company in Australia specialising in the cultivation of hemp for seed & fibre.
  UK Vegetarian Society The Vegetarian Society is working towards its vision of.. 'a future where the vegetarian diet is acknowledged as the norm..'.
  Vegan Society Promoting ways of living which avoid the use of animal products - for the benefit of people, animals and the environment.
  Ethical Consumer Magazine Just how ethical are the companies we buy from as individuals or organisations? Ethical Consumer looks behind the brand names and helps you to 'vote with your wallet'.
  Green Net GreenNet is part of the only global computer network specifically designed for environment, peace, human rights and development groups.
  Green Events UK Green Events is a database of Green Events happening in and around the UK.
making ethical choices easy The Ethical Junction is a gateway to the ethical sector for people in the UK and Ireland, giving a focal point for a broad range of ethical issues and trading.
  Alternative UK Alternative UK is an alternative guide and one-stop launcher for hundreds of sites in the UK. Sections including 'Mind & Body', 'Art & Design' and 'Issues' and combine to provide hours of bland free surfing. Check it out and spread the word.
  DSVR Webhosting DSVR provide web hosting and domain name registration for many of the UK's leading web designers.


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