THC: 108mg THC Per Dose: 5.04mg CBN: 9mg CBN Per Dose: 0.45mg Doses Per Package: 20 doses. “Indica chews and chill” is the ideal way to describe the effects of these deliciously rich chocolate taffy chews. Each low calorie chew contains 5mg of THC, with twenty chews in each package. INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Powder, Palm Kernel and Palm Oil (sustainably sourced), Nonfat Milk, Mono – Diglycerides, Chocolate Liquor, Soy Lecithin (emulsifier), Natural Flavors, Whey, Calcium Caseinate, Salt, Caramel Color. This product contains dairy and soy. Directions for Use: One piece at a time. Flower and Trim Extracted by ethanol.