GMO, (aka GMO Cookies/Garlic Cookies) is a powerful indica marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdog with GSC. This strain produces relaxing effects you can feel through your body while your mind retains focus. GMO Cookies is loved for its ability to relieve stress and aches without total sedation. Its Chemdog ancestry provides a petrol smell layered with coffee and fruit, while its GSC parentage provides a sweet and earthy flavor. GMO Cookies is celebrated for its ability to relieve pain without putting you to bed in the process. NO ADDITIVES – NO NONSENSE – CANNABIS DERIVED DRiP Distillate is extracted using a supercritical Co2 process and refined using a short-path distillation process. Distillate provides a high cannabinoid content, while reintroduced terpenes add the taste and effects of the flower it was extracted from.