Portable wax pen. Available colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange & Black The original kuLi uses a double ceramic rod atomizer with a full ceramic chamber that creates an intense, but smooth rip that satisfies even the most sophisticated dabbers. Usually after people try a kuLi for the first time they decide to buy one because their experience is so good. The kuLi is simple to use and inside the kuLi kit is everything you need to start vaping dabs. Below is the list of items that comes in a kit. There is also a dry herb attachment available if you would like to use with flower. The discreet handheld kuLi vaporizer will be something that you cherish forever. What’s Included: One (1) rechargable kuLi battery One (1) kuLi Mouthpiece Two (2) kuLi koiLs One (1) silicone kuLi puck Three (3) mouthpiece sLeeves One (1) kuLi tool One (1) Mini USB Charger One (1) Wall Adapter One (1) Wax Sheet