Buy an X-Trates Clementine Oil Cartridge from Diem Cannabis today! Clementine is a sweet, citrus flavored sativa hybrid that combines Tangie with Lemon Skunk genetics. Created by Crockett Family Farms, the same collective who gave us Chocolope. 1:1 means 1 part1 CBD to 1 part THC. Get all the best effects of CBD and uplifting experience of citrusy Clementine terpene profile. Distillation is an extra step of refinement that creates a clear viscous sap that resembles ultra-refined honey in consistency and hue. 0.5ml cartridge. Strain Type: Hybrid (30I/70S) X-Trates 3D Distillate Cartridges feature highly refined triple-distilled cannabis oil containing pure cannabinoids and infused natural terpenes. Produced for the discerning cannabis user that wants only the purest form of concentrate. Attach to your favorite 510 threaded battery and enjoy.