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MotherHemp is the only commercial hempseed grower in the UK and our aim is to source 100% of our hempseed requirement from UK farmers. Currently we contract hempseed production from farmers in the UK, France, Germany and Canada. While the supply of conventional hempseed is easily met, organically certified hempseed is in short supply and forward-contracting is the only way for us to ensure supply for both our own products and our customers. See our Finola page for more photos and information on growing hemp.

The majority of our hempseed is the Finola variety. Finola is a high-yield early-blooming variety of hemp which is therefore perfectly suited for European seed cultivation. Finola also has a superior EFA balance and a higher GLA content. We contract-grow Finola grain for our own use and also manage the sale of Finola planting seed across Europe. See our Finola page for more information.

Bulk Oil Supply

Over the past 5 years, we have perfected techniques for producing high quality cold-pressed oil from hempseed. All cold-pressing is done in the UK by Soil Association approved commercial presses. We pride ourselves on the quality of our food-grade hempseed oil; its freshness, taste, low peroxide value (PV) and stability.

We supply bulk hempseed oil from as little as 100kg up to many tons. We are also happy to arrange bottling, capsuling and labelling for our bulk oil customers. Hempseed oil is a valuable but fragile food oil, we can not emphasise enough the importance that should be placed on every step of its production cycle. For prices of bulk oil, bottled oil or capsules please contact us.

Other Hemp Ingredients

When hempseed is pressed to produce hempseed oil, a seed-cake or “ meal” is left. This can be used for high-grade animal feed or milled to produce hemp flour. The flour can be used as an ingredient within a large range of products including pasta, bread and beer.

We also supply bulk quantities of super-cleaned whole hempseed, toasted hempseed, shelled hempseed (dehulled) and hemp essential oil. All are available under organic certification.

Please contact us for further information.

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